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2011 Honda Pilot - rear brake pads replacement

Odometer was at 95038miles.

Procedure update. Like for the front brake pads: Only remove the lower 12mm caliper bolt. Rotate the caliper upwards, and use a bungie cord through the 12mm bolt eyelet to secure the caliper out of the way. Rest of the procedure same as before.

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C++ multi-threading programming, debian, g++, gnumake, design patterns

I haven't played with multi-threaded programming since college. Having fun reading online tutorials about using std::thread, mostly. Next, want to try to find/discover best-practices in designing C++ multi-threaded programs, multi-threaded design-patterns, multi-threaded OOSE, and such.

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C++ multi-threading programming, g++, gnumake

For the compiler in Debian Stable that I use, the Programmer needs to add two flags to enable support for

  • <thread> and
  • std::tread
functionality to the CXXFLAGS variable.

So in my makefile(s) that I use for using C++ multi-threading, I added the below two CXXFLAGS.

  • "-std=c++11" and
  • "-pthread"

# used by gnu make's implicit rules
# I choose to show all warnings (-Wall), and include debugging information (-g)
# I choose to include support for C++11 (-std=c++11);
#   the g++ version in my Debian Stable, g++ version 4.9.2,
#   requires it to use std::thread
# I choose to include support for pthreads (-pthread)
#   the g++ version in my Debian Stable, g++ version 4.9.2,
#   requires it to use std::thread
CXXFLAGS := -Wall -g -std=c++11 -pthread

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1998 Jeep Cherokee - installed new battery

Odometer at 198k miles.

Battery was about US$159. If I include tax and core charge, almost $200.

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2011 Honda Pilot - oil change

5w20 oil and a new oil filter

Odometer at 92,468miles

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Legal recreational cannabis, using edibles, thc and cbd in 2:1 ratio

THC/CBD 1:1 ratio

For about a week, I tried having thc and cbd in a 1:1 ratio, after dinner.

The CBD seems to moderate the feelings the THC provides.

The sensations of feeling like I have a smile, and being relaxed sleepy, comes from the THC.

In a 1:1 ratio, was not feeling as mood-lifted as I wanted to be. Was not feeling as sleepy as I wanted to be.

THC/CBD 2:1 ratio

So, okay. I adjusted the ratios, to see how I would feel.

Last night, at about 9pm, I had 1/2 of a THC edible (2.5mg THC) with 1/4 of a CBD edible (1.25mg CBD), to get a 2:1 ratio.

Felt stronger relaxation than the 1:1 ratio, felt more mood-lifted, and fell asleep at 10:30pm or so, as desired.

So, okay: I'll consume a 2:1 thc/cbd ratio for now on. Will save a little money too, as now I only need to purchase one tin of CBD edibles 5mg each, to every 2 tins of THC edibles, 5mg each.

The tins of cannabis edibles were about US$22/each with taxes, et al. So three tins costs about US$66 currently, for 80 servings of the 2.5mgTHC/1.25mgCBD I am currently enjoying. That works out to US$0.83 (only eighty-three cents!) per session. I think it's a fantastic deal for a relaxed great after-dinner feeling and the accompanying great night's sleep.

EDIT 2018-09-23

It has now been about a month since I started taking THC/CBD in a 2:1 ratio, (2.5mg of THC + 1.25mg of CBD) per Session, before bedtime (ingesting them usually around 9:30p to 10pm)

This 2:1 regimen, and the amount of milligrams of each, and consuming it near bedtime, seems to be working well for me, so I'll stick to it for the foreseeable future.

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This one is going to ramble. Emotional truths.

I used to like to think of myself as "the most successful failure that I personally knew." I was the only person I knew that didn't finish their Bachelor's, but still got to start and work in their chosen profession. Work at a Fortune500 even. A Fortune500 entertainment company that had 75years or so of existence when I started, even. Full benefits package for myself and My Little Family. ...Get a little glory even.

I got to do some Exciting stuff. Enterprise Java (J2EE), kinda popular, great self-esteem to be one of the Few that knew it. Did it. Not just J2EE, but using development software from IBM. High-powered Linux workstations. Databases from Oracle. Web sites running Websphere, and Apache. Working on things that many people knew. The website for that big blockbuster movie, this other one too, helped on it. Etc.

Then the dot-com implosion happened, and I decided the Risk of staying in dot-com was too much. I had started a family. I wanted stability for My Little Family. Wanted stability for myself, too.

Switched to working for a National Medical Service Provider. Also is of Fortune500 size. Also has been around for a long time. Fifty-plus years. Full benefits for My Little Family and myself.

But, sometimes, we end up noticing something Vital is missing. This year, 2018, I really notice something Vital is missing, for me, where I work, what I do.

What is am missing is a feeling that I am appreciated.

There are automatic benefit perks, that are given to all Employees in my Division. At 5years+1month, an Employee in my Division gets vested in the Pension. At 9years+1month, their "hours of vacation accrued per paycheck" jumps up. Good stuff. Wonderful stuff. They are given by Surviving. By being Useful. For years of Service. (They are impersonal perks.)

When I did my five years of dot-com, I was no one special. Yet, I still can remember occasions where I felt appreciated. When we would do a successful launch of a website, there would be a small celebration. The Executive would say a few words. Not just to the room, but to each of us that had worked on the Project. Pictures would be taken. I still have a framed picture from The Matrix Online launch. I felt appreciated.

So, now, 2018. Don't feel appreciated. Don't feel like my contributions matter. Don't feel like my Loyalty, Work Ethic, all the people I've mentored, matter to my Executive. Don't feel appreciated by my current Manager. I just work. It's a bit numbing, emotionally.

So, now, 2018, with thirteen years working for this National Medical Health Provider, I want to re-discover what I am missing. What I currently lack. I want to re-discover the feeling of feeling Appreciated.

With that Want, I've motivated myself to update my resume. Resume now updated. LinkedIn profile, now updated. LinkedIn contact list, now adjusted. I am going to actively look for my Next Place, where the Goal is to have Both the feelings of being appreciated, the benefits, and the stability for both My Little Family, and Myself.

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Legal recreational cannabis, using edibles, thc and cbd in 1:1 ratio

There have been a lot of anecdotal articles on the internet that CBD provides some additional health benefits for those that take it.

So, in a leap-of-faith that there may be some double-blind scientific studies that come out in favor, I have adjusted my edible cannabis consumption.

This month, I went back to my vetted, California BCC recreational licensed, cannabis dispensary: Cornerstone Research Collective. (They are a few miles West of Old Town Pasadena, on Colorado Blvd.)

This time, the goal was to try thc/cbd 1:1 ratio edibles.

Purchased PLUS brand THC edible gummies, 5mg THC per edible.

Purchased PLUS brand CBD edible gummies, 5mg CBD per edible.

Using a sandwich knife, I cut a THC edible in half. I cut a CBD edible in half. I then take one half of each kind, to reach a dosage of (2.5mg THC + 2.5mg CBD).

The difference in sensations is subtle, to me, as compared to before when I was just trying a THC edible regimen.

The combination of 2.5mg THC with 2.5 CBD, seems to have the same delay, and duration. The intensity of the relaxation and feeling of having a smile feels moderated, in a good way.

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2011 Honda Pilot - front brake pads replacement

Odometer shows 91,361 miles.

*** Small procedure update, that makes changing the pads easier ***

Do _not_ remove or loosen the upper 17mm caliper bolt.

Only remove the lower 17mm caliper bolt.

Now the caliper will swing upward, exposing the pads and two springs to replace.

Now use the bungie cord to secure the caliper swung up, by putting the bugie hooks in the lower bolt eyelet, and through a spring coil.

By keeping the top bolt fastened, it is easier to install and remove the pads, with less work.

Make sure to clean the bolt, and use blue loctite, when reinstalling the lower 17mm caliper bolt back in. Refer to the existing procedure for all the details of re-installation and safe checks / safety drive.

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Don Quixote - by Miguel de Cervantes

Received as a gift from my Children, Christmas of Year 2016.

Have been reading it steadily, every few days, a page or 2 each time, for two years.

Finished reading the book, today.

The part where Don Quixote charges windmills, believing them to be Giants, happens early in the story.

The 1st Volume, revolves around Dox Quixote.

The 2nd Volume, revolves more around Sancho Panza, and a Duke and Duchess, that create dramas and circumstances for both Sancho Panza and Don Quixote.

In the End, it is the Knight of the White Moon, that vanquishes Don Quixote, and the Bargain that DQ must stop being a knight-errant for a year, and return to his village.

Once back Home, it is is left to the Reader to possibly see DQ's sadness that makes him sick, gives clarity to become his real self of Alonzo Quixano, and ultimately leads to his death, after a brief illness.

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