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Dad, I like talking to you *hug*

From my Middle child to me, this morning. Warmed my heart.

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Telecommuting - transformative

One of the most transformative events I have experienced in my working career is telecommuting.

I am not referring to 'getting to work from home a day or two a week' that many get to experience. I am referring to my current situation, where my Employer allows us to telecommute 100%.

We only go into the office, on average, 1 day a month, for 'all hands' meetings. Huge perk. Hugely transformative.

If I try to put a financial number on it, I would say 100% telecommuting is worth, at minimum, US$1,250/month to me, and more likely, if I really try to sit down and factor it, US$1,500/month

US$1000/month, right off the bat, is the money not needed to have my kids in after-school programs, where they would stay till I was home from work, to watch them.

US$250/month is in fuel costs for my car, that I don't currently have to use, since I do not have to drive to work every day. Also, I can safely have an old beater as my car, because it only gets driven a few thousand miles a year now. A 1/2 tank of fuel lasts a month. Car insurance is lower, too.

Things that are hard to put a dollar figure on, but are definite attributes, are:

I am always home. So kids have a safe haven.

I am always home, so neighborhood watch is me
     I can always photograph, report, try to keep crime away

Lower stress, because I am not driving in traffic every day

More hours per day available to work
     Since I probably save 90min/day by not driving,
     I usually always work a 9hr/day, happily, willingly
     as 'thank you' back to my Employer,
     for getting to 100% telecommute

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It rained last night. Not a stormy rain, but a medium rain.

Around 6pm, the power flickered and dimmed, for what seemed a 1/4 of a second to maybe 1/2 a second. I immediately shutdown and turned off the computers in the house, and even disconnected the power strips from the wall. Within that same hour or so, it happened a total of three times.

Growing up, I remember the electricity might flicker, if there was a lightening strike nearby, but these that are happening now seem quite different. They last what seems a long time. I think they are the same phenomena what blew out my washing machine's electronics (the Fridigaire Affinity) a few years ago.

I went to a neighbor's house, where their house shares electricity from the same transformer as ours, and asked if they had had the power surge too, or if it was just me.

To my relief, they experienced the same surges/disruptions, which likely means it's not a problem with my house, but with the electricity coming from the utility (I had worried there was something wrong with my house's wiring).

So, might have to ask the utility to investigate. Maybe tree limbs need to be trimmed from the lines, or a transformer is faulty, leaking. Dunno, but seems worth bringing to their attention.

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nc_834v5010generator - project status - April


Added CDK_ButtonBox. Continuing to refactor Ncurses834v5010view::displayEditHeaderGUI(...) with PlanB.

Self D'Oh! ...If a recently written class seems coded okay, but generating compilation errors: make sure the new class was added to the makefile.


Finished coding and testing CDK_ButtonBox. Continuing to refactor Ncurses834v5010view::displayEditHeaderGUI(...) with PlanB.

Source code and makefile updated. Pushed updates to website.


Added _834v5010textReader. Updated makefile. Now starting to create the functionality for reading X12 834v5010 files from a filesystem file, parse, then load into the model. Also creating functionality for storing profile information, and having view display profile information if no model information yet exists.


_834v5010textReader now correctly gets the data element delimiter and segment delimiter from a sample X12 834v5010 text file. Next will be parsing aLineOfText into its dataElements, loading them into a _834v5010segment, and returning the populated _834v5010segment... to finish as a model loaded from the User specified file to load. Source code updated to website.


Need to add code to _834v5010textReader::loadSegment(_834v5010segment & segment, std::string & aLineOfText).


_834v5010textReader now correctly loads the segments, and all the data elements for those segments, from a User-chosen file, into the model. Also added the Boost legal license text to the project, since many of the classes I created use boost.

Next will be 
   transmorgification of the raw strValue of a segment/dataElements set
   GUIs code for working with profile/User model/defaults to do edits
   writing model to filesystem to save User's work

Uploaded the source code to the website.


Added code to _834v5010dataElement, _834v5010textWriter, _834v5010textReader, Ncurses834v5010view


Added code to _834v5010textReader. Being able to edit a file's Header information is starting to jell.

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Was fun to watch the Pinewood derby yesterday.

Felt good to help pay for the pizza. US$50 was my donation.

Weather was unusually warm, 90s. Thankfully the temps started to drop as the sun set.

My son and his Mom seem to be having great fun doing creative cars, as this year the car they created depicted Godzilla, and another Godzilla-universe monster, doing battle, in a city, with high rises, with some of them partially demolished.

(I'll have to circle back, and add a pix of their pinewood derby car.)


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Was honored to attend the wedding of a dear friend yesterday.

It feels great seeing him happy, and getting to celebrate his new life.

He is a fellow Geek at heart, so getting married on Pi day, he now has an official Q T Pi ; )

Got to reconnect with two fellow Pioneer-ers, from back-in-the-day, too.

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Well, I thought a visit by the police would help civility last longer.

The same message posted in a window facing my residence is back up.

It is my guess, that people that have Narcissistic Personality Disorder would not just target someone that lives next door to them, but probably exhibit their behaviors to potentially everyone they interact with, so I write this both to process feelings of displeasure, but in the hopes it helps others that are in similar situations.

Thank goodness we live in an age of social media, when things can be witnessed, recorded, uploaded to youtube, LJ, and such, for the world to see, without verbal testimony of witnesses getting dis-credited. Video, pictures, written words, are the only power we have, within the framework of our laws, to lawfully try to document abuse, and prevent crimes and abuses from having free reign in society.

So, here is what I had redacted earlier: Wikipedia entry about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and quotes of the parts of the entry that seems to apply to Next Door.

"Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a Cluster B personality disorder[1] in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process."

"People who are diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy."

B. Pathological personality traits in the following domain:

    Antagonism, characterized by:

        a. Grandiosity: Feelings of entitlement, either overt or covert; self-centeredness; firmly holding to the belief that one is better than others; condescending toward others.

        b. Attention seeking: Excessive attempts to attract and be the focus of the attention of others; admiration seeking.

Below are links to the previous incidents with Next Door, over the years, for easy reference:

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Well, if I get layed-off from my current job, where I work with the X12 834v5010 transaction all day long, it will probably mean the nc_834v5010generator project will die.

Without having it on my mind all day, then I'll have "no skin in the game" anymore.

I'll keep working on the project, right up to the moment I get booted, but my productivity on it has decreased, as I check what color is my parachute for employment.

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Heard rumors today, that another part of the company wants to take-over the coordination duties my current dept does. By itself, isnt too worrying, but now: starting to connect the dots, and scarily seems I may be out of a job in the next few months.

Two facts, and one assumption, that add to the above rumor having higher merit:

  • My department's Director is retiring in May.
  • Under a project name of "OE optimization", all member's of my workgroup have been writing detailed listing of our job duties, job steps, that have been reviewed by our Director's Senior Mgmt.
  • May is right before the end of Q2,2015, which would be when a nation-wide, Fortune500 sized company would execute on a re-org.

2015-05-11 8pm

Just remembered a biggie: At the most recent 'all hands' meeting, the Director mentioned that this years EDI summit (that our dept hosted every year since I've worked in the department) has been canceled for this year.

(this entry will probably get edited frequently in the near term, as I hear more, or find positive news that it's a 'false alarm.')


Year, items implemented that year, full-time staff coordinating these items

2008  205  me
2009  238  me
2010  242  me
2011  306  me
2012  398  me
2013  542 (me + another person)
2014  630 (me + another person)


Have shared some of my layoff rumors with extended work colleagues. A colleague that works in a different part of the organization, even a different location in the nation, has confirmed they overheard another dept is planning to do hiring for the job role my dept currently does.

Was interesting to hear. Especially as that would be an entirely new area for them to do. They are not hiring additional staff for what they already do, as they do not do our coordination role currently. This would be new staffing for new roles (for their dept).

What makes it be another 'connect the dots' is that the person sharing their rumor with me, is extremely credible.


Got my annual review this week. Ho hum, did fine. Met expectations, with one exceeded expectations for Mentorship: for training two FTEs (Full-Time Employees) in 2014. Raise was 'standard' amount, on average, that I've been getting since 2008. Bonus was 50% higher than last year's bonus, if I am remembering correctly.

I made sure to point out to my manager, as I do every year lately, about SMART objectives, and the counts of implementation growth. That we do over 3x the volume of when I started in 2008. And that, even with a doubling of staff (from 'just me', to now 'me + another FTE'), that 600/2 is still 300/each, when I did 200/each back in 2008, a 50% increase in workload. Yet, still only 'acceptable performance' for that category, on my reviews?

The other thing I made sure to point out to my manager, as I do every year lately, was the annual survey results numbers that come back from the customers we do the implementations with. Supposedly a score of 4, on a scale of 1 = lowest, 5 = highest, is supposed to be acceptable, yet a score of 4.5+ is supposed to be a 'stretch goal', and we did over 4.5+ in 2014, and in 2013, yet still only 'acceptable performance' for that category, on my reviews?

...So, if I get a layoff, it is really a layoff, not a "fired, but we're calling it a layoff", since my review indicates I am (soon to be was?) a good employee.

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Next door - posting messages facing my residence, again *irritated sigh*



Embarrassedly called our city's police department to come take a look. They came and saw the messaged posted in next door's window.

I let the officer know that, in my opinion, that next door and I do not like each other, but kinda creepy for them to put messages for me to read, and that I was trying to be non-confrontational, and keep things from escalating, by asking the police for help.

Also asked if it would be okay for me to erect a privacy barrier on my side of the fence, to the legal height, to block my view of next doors window where they post messages for my residence to see.


Since the window messages were removed, edited this entry to be more civil (the section now marked as redacted is, well, redacted) and didn't put up a privacy barrier.

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