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Now that I upgraded to Debian Jessie v8, had to do some small modifications so the
program would compile successfully.

Surprisingly, the only change needed was to add the ncurses library to the makefile.

So, for the LDLIBS variable, just had to add -lncurses

# used by gnu make's implicit rules
# Since I am using the Curses Development Kit (CDK), I choose to include the cdk library
# Since I am using the Boost thread library, I choose to include the Boost thread library
# Since I am using the Boost filesystem library, I choose to include the Boost system library
# Since I am using the Boost filesystem library, I also choose to include the Boost filesystem library
LDLIBS := -lcdk -lncurses -lboost_thread -lboost_system -lboost_filesystem

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Installed Debian 8 Jessie to my Gateway laptop

Downloaded the netinst CD ISO image, then used Brasero to burn it to a CD

Installed via wired connection.

To get the wi-fi to work

1. Had to update the /etc/apt/sources.list to include contrib
2. Had to, as root, run aptitude install firmware-b43-installer
3. reboot

To add my usual user to sudoers

Had to, as root, run adduser myUsername sudo

Kudos to the Debian installation team! It was one of the fastest, smoothest, and painless Debian installs I have done. Started at 10pm, was finished by 12:30am, including adding sudo and wifi.

When the gnome screensaver becomes active, you need to press the ESC key to be able to log back in.

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Job hunting for a new career-broadening opportunity has been taking time that I otherwise would have spent on this hobby project, so not much progress over the past few weeks.

Basically continuing to work on adding functionality to CDK_Textfield2 so that a User can edit an 834 file. Most recently, working on supporting the DEL and BACKSPACE keys.

Next want to start to support a User being able to add chunks of 834 via pre-stored objects, while in an editing session.

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As the people are the only legitimate fountain of power, and it
is from them that the constitutional charter, under which the several 
branches of government hold their power, is derived; it seems
strictly consonant to the republican theory, to recur to the same
original authority, not only whenever it may be necessary to enlarge,
diminish, or new model the powers of government; but also
whenever any one of the departments may commit encroachments
on the other chartered authorities of the others.

-- James Madison, The Federalist, No. 49

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Just finished reading "The Martian" by Andy Weir

Techno fun. Lots of science, said simply. Writing style was fun and modern.

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Assuming a long term trend of a 2% inflation rate, this is how a Person's salary must increase, just to maintain the same buying power as Year 0 (annualized, not

If a Person's salary does not keep up with inflation, then they are becoming poorer
over time.

Year	Salary Start	Inflation     Salary End
0	$75,000.00	1.02	      $76,500.00
1	$76,500.00	1.02	      $78,030.00
2	$78,030.00	1.02	      $79,590.60
3	$79,590.60	1.02	      $81,182.41
4	$81,182.41	1.02	      $82,806.06
5	$82,806.06	1.02	      $84,462.18
6	$84,462.18	1.02	      $86,151.43
7	$86,151.43	1.02	      $87,874.45
8	$87,874.45	1.02	      $89,631.94
9	$89,631.94	1.02	      $91,424.58
10	$91,424.58	1.02	      $93,253.07
11	$93,253.07	1.02	      $95,118.13
12	$95,118.13	1.02	      $97,020.50
13	$97,020.50	1.02	      $98,960.91
14	$98,960.91	1.02	      $100,940.13
15	$100,940.13	1.02	      $102,958.93
16	$102,958.93	1.02	      $105,018.11
17	$105,018.11	1.02	      $107,118.47
18	$107,118.47	1.02	      $109,260.84
19	$109,260.84	1.02	      $111,446.05
20	$111,446.05	1.02	      $113,674.98
21	$113,674.98	1.02	      $115,948.48
22	$115,948.48	1.02	      $118,267.44
23	$118,267.44	1.02	      $120,632.79
24	$120,632.79	1.02	      $123,045.45
25	$123,045.45	1.02	      $125,506.36

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Received my 2015 job review yesterday. Good feedback and praise. Raise+bonus. "I love everybody! Whoo!" -- Tidwell, Jerry Maguire.

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CDK_Textfield2 now handles the LEFT, RIGHT, UP, and DOWN arrow keys correctly. ENTER key correctly splits a line and advances, and correctly advances if at the bottom of the text. END key exits the editing session and passes the edited text to the caller.

Next will probably work on the DEL and BACKSPACE keys for deleting text.

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Trying to incorporate my own CDK_Textfield widget using the CDK API, and customizing my own RXL CDK-styled (API + enums + structs) has been a frustrating exercise. Maybe it is due to my skill in C being too low to make the attempt a success. Maybe it is due to the CDK not expecting to work with external widgets (there are just too many validity checks, enums, and structs that I have to keep writing rxl custom versions of!).

So my 1st KISS attempt for a widget, which was to use the CDK model, I am going to abandon.

So, I refuse to give up on making my own widget, as I really want/need a widget that respects multi line text that has newlines '\n' in it.

My 2nd KISS attempt for a widget, will be to use ncurses, which I believe I will not need to make any custom rxl versions of. Since CDK is built on ncurses, I will keep that CDK_Textfield get passed a CDKSCREEN*, but the internal drawing code will likely be only ncurses, once I extract from CDKSCREEN* what ncurses needs.

So, I'll try to make CDK_Textfield as pure ncurses, and gut all the CDK-decorator and CDK API model custom code. For now, I'll name the 2nd attempt CDK_Textfield2, but if/when it is a viable replacement, it will become the new CDK_Textfield.

I remember that people always cite the example of Thomas Edison and the lightbulb, that it took thousands of attempts at a solution before he was successful. Hopefully I will not have quite that many attempts before I have a solution!


ncurses homepage



The CDK_Textfield2 widget event loop is coming along nicely. I can now type in the alphabet, and the characters appear correctly.

Next I'll add code to the event loop for navigation (arrow keys and such), as well as function keys (F1 thru F12) for exiting a widget text editing session. I'll probably pick the F8 key (fate, say it out loud) to signal the end of a widget text editing session.


Had a productive coding session yesterday. Watched re-runs of Big Bang Theory in bed while coding with the laptop and a lap board. I figured out a nice solution for the event loop, in CDK_Textfield2::activateCDK_Textfield2(chtype * actions). Got the cursor to be satisfactory, too. Ending a text editing session is signaled by using the END function key.

Methods handleKEY_LEFT and handleKEY_RIGHT are working correctly. Cursor working correctly. Data entry for one line of text working correctly. Now, need to keep adding the CDK_Textfield2::handleKEY_*(CursorPosition & cursorPosition) methods for all the keys I will support. Need to start testing multiline text entry with carriage returns.

Source code updated to http://mrflash818.geophile.net/software/nc_834v5010generator/

Once CDK_Textfield2 handles all events and data entry, will circle back to Ncurses834v5010view::displayFileNewGUI(ProgramMode & programMode, ViewMode & viewMode, CDKSCREEN * pCdkScreen), where CDK_Textfield2 is used, and start creating the functionality for adding chunks of text.

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Went to SCALE yesterday. 1st time attendee, though I've tried to be able to attend for years. Thanks to being a SGVLUG member, was half-price. Attended talks on Community, Mentoring, and the Linux kernel. Got to chat up fellow SGVLUG members, and ran into some previous co-workers from WBOL.

Hung out for a bit at the SGVLUG booth. They had some home made open source 3d printers running demos. Was pretty cool. They had good interest from attendees.

Visited the Debian booth, chatted up one of the developers there. Visited the WB booth, they are hiring for J2EE developers, so threw my hat in their ring. Visited the Rubicon booth, chatted up Wil, previously from WBOL. Donated to the EFF, LibreOffice when I visited their booths. Got T-shirts, and swag.

I even saw someone from LJ that frequently posts to LJ, but wasn't able to approach and say "hi", as she was being chatted up by a group.

I really liked that it was at the Pasadena Convention Center, as that is very close to where I live. I simply parked at work, for free, then walked a few blocks to the event.

For next year, I want to take vacation, and attend all 4 days. From the experience, realized today just how much I missed being a professional Geek, and living in the culture and camaraderie of Geekdom.


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