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house repairs - house wiring

While the center bathroom was being worked on, one of the repairs done was to relocate and replace a power plug, so that someone can run a hair dryer at the location of the new sink.

While the work was being done, a connection to the common, (house wiring has two "hot phases" A, B, and a common. The common is sometimes also called the neutral) became disconnected in the girl's bedroom.

The disconnected common, in a wall socket in the southeast corner of the girl's room, knocked out electricity service for the south wall of the master bedroom, the central bathroom's new wall plug near the sink, and the power to the garage.

The way this house is wired, seems nuts! A total WTF that one common feeds such a strange assortment of parts of the buildings on the property.

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Frankenstein - by Mary Shelley

Was very different than the horror movies of the same title.

Reminded me of a science-fiction short story by Larry Niven, "The Ethics of Madness" where two people in Bussard Ramjet spaceships fight and then chase each other for almost all eternity.

Liked "Frankenstein," but was milder than I expected.

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house repairs

Had the water supply pipes changed to copper, from the original 1930s galvanized steel pipes. Taking a shower had been no fun, due to low water pressure due to old pipes and build-up over the ages.

Had the main bathroom ceiling repaired. The roof of the shower was sagging due to age and moisture. Removed the original shower. Had the toilet replaced. Replaced the exhaust fan. Had a new shower+bathtub+backsplash installed.

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1998 Jeep Cherokee - 6cyl - 4l - how to remediate pinging - works for me

I usually baby my Jeep Cherokee when I drive. Mild throttle, shift at 2000rpm, cruise at 1500rpm

It has always seemed prone to pinging at low to mid rpms, and have run 91octane to prevent it.

So, did a search via duckduckgo, and found this article: http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f9/4-0-pinging-335092/

I did the method of driving the car at RPMs higher than 3,200rpm. For my stock Jeep Cherokee, manual transmission, 2nd gear gives 40mph == 3,500rpm. I did a few runs at that RPM on the way to get my car smogged. Each run I did for about 30seconds to 1minute.

Car passed smog test with flying colors.

Driving back home from the smog test, did a few 1/2 throttle pulls from a red light, shifting like I usually do (2000rpm shift, 1,500rpm cruise). Engine feels strong, no ping.

IT WORKED. IT TOTALLY WORKED. *happy happy happy*

Now I just need to remember to do this high RPM technique when I sense the engine has built up carbon, again, and has started to ping at low RPM, again.

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2011 Honda Pilot - oil change

5w20 oil and a new oil filter

odometer: 68,290 miles

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Classic sci-fi. Liked it. First 2/3rds of the book, just okay.

Once Clane discovers the relics in the pit of the Atom Gods, to the ending, things
stayed interesting.

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Solaris by Stislaw Lem

Sci-fi classic. Finally got to reading it. Cerebral.

Book does not have the traditional good guy, bad guy, or solved problem of an ending.

It reminds me a little of "The Man In the Maze" in that this book is about humanity discovering, and then trying to interact with, and discover the meaning of, something completely alien: a planet with a liquid "ocean" that appears to be some kind of life form.

Not to spoil it, but to give context. The planet the "ocean" is on, is orbiting a double-star. Because there are two stars, the planet's orbit should be wobbly, but is actually circular. That is what prompted to study the planet, and the "ocean" is discovered to be a mix of complex chemical and organic compounds, not simple like water. Nothing is living in the ocean. The ocean is all there is on the planet, except for the planet itself. Humanity then assumes that this "ocean" must be actively manipulating the planet's orbit, otherwise it could not be circular.

The book never resolves, as even by the end, humanity is still trying to find a way to communicate with it, or understand it. If I was younger, such a story would have been frustrating, as it has no Closure. But now that I am Older, I still enjoyed the story for that fact it is not the usual pattern, but almost a bit more on how humanity always want to try to learn/understand/control, and that is contrasted by this "ocean" where learning/understanding/controlling is not achieved.

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Went to the Long Beach Comic Con yesterday.

Weather was nice. Still long line to get in. Getting parked still a nightmare.

But, was a better experience this time. Got to attend some panels. Got to watch some sci-fi and fantasy movies. The Firefly-related panels were crazy long lines, so didn't attend those.

I still dont like crowds, or crowded spaces, but that was tempered by the fact I was in a sea of "my people," geeks, nerds, that share my interests.

It reminds me that there is a subset of people that I fit right in to. Gives me hope to keep searching, and trying to work at, and live in, and to participate in clubs, and communities, that have geeks and nerds, and do geek-friendly and nerd-friendly activities.

Ben got to try a Virtual Reality game, where you wear the VR headsets, and said it was a blast. Ben and Jenna found a large floor space a Lego club had put out Legos, and a large set of kids were having fun building Lego items. That entertained them for at least an hour.

Ben makes friends really well. At the Lego area, he ended up chatting up a pretty girl, and sharing about their smart phones, in a totally cool, age-appropriate way. Made me happy to see him happy, having fun, and being social.

Had lunch at the Islands across the street. A thing to do, during Comic Con, is ask for the food to-go, and just eat outside in the shade. Faster than the 1hr wait for being seated.

Next time, want to go for both days, as this year we just went for Saturday.

Decided that T-shirts are still "really my thing ", and look forward to getting more geek-related T-shirts, next time.

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clx12unwrapper - command line x12 unwrapper - project status - September

Finished implementing the project. Tested it on my X12 834v5010 samples. Seems to be working correctly.

Project homepage is at: http://mrflash818.geophile.net/software/index.html#clx12unwrapper.

Uploaded the source code, makefile, and licenses to the website.


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clx12unwrapper - command line x12 unwrapper

Seems I want to make another support utility, for working with x12 transaction text files.

I already have trimmer, because I needed a way to easily remove leading and trailing whitespace (because mainframe datasets can do what seems to be weird padding of text files).

The nc_834v5010generator wants X12 834v5010 files to work with that are both

  • trimmed - no whitespace before or after a segment
  • unwrapped - each X12 segment on a single line

So, did a google search for "open source x12 unwrapper" and did not find a pre-existing project, so making my own.

clx12unwrapper will assume any invalid whitespace was cleaned (by using trimmer, or a similar program). It will create an output such that each segment is on its own line of text.

Like "trimmer" I see it being a program fed by a pipe, and its output going to a separate file, like:

robert@pip: cat messyX12file.txt | clx12unwrapper > cleanX12file.txt


The smartest way, once someone has both "trimmer", and "clx12unwrapper" as compiled programs on a machine they do X12 work on, most likely, will be to do a pipeline of both trimmer and clx12unwrapper, like so:

robert@pip: cat messyX12file.txt | trimmer | clx12unwrapper > cleanedX12file.txt

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