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Watched the movie "Primer" via netflix.

Fun SciFi cult classic. All character and accidental 'snap back' time travel discovery. Zero special effects, but an interesting story (gives a similar vibe to how 'The Blair Witch' was done).

Started slow, for me, but then got interesting once they tested The Box by disconnecting power once it was running, and on the weebelo.

Likely I'll need to watch it a second time, to try to catch clues I missed the 1st time.

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Watched "Hector and the Search for Happiness" via netflix.

Simon Pegg was excellent. Story was excellent. Loved it.

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nc_834v5010generator - project status - June


Working on the branching logic and targets for Ncurses834v5010view::displayEditHeaderGUI

Created Ncurses834v5010view::displayEditSegmentGUI and Ncurses834v5010view::displayEditFamily. Will be coding them up next.

Still need to work on profile logic, and integrating it, too.

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Added an old computer to our wifi network

Did a run to our local PC store, Alice Computerworks. Thank goodness they are open until 7pm, as I just barely got there before they closed.

Picked up an ASUS USB N150 wifi adapter

Plugged it into the back of the old PC. Ran the installation software. Now my Oldest can use the old workstation PC. No more contention for wife's laptop.

US$38 well spent.

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nc_834v5010generator - project status - May


Did a burst of coding today. Now the edit display header GUI shows all the header segments correctly. Uploaded the updated source code to the website.


Did some light refactoring. Now the displayEdit* methods pass editSegmentInfo. Ncurses834v5010view::displayEditHeaderGUI(ProgramMode & programMode, ViewMode & viewMode, CDKSCREEN * pCdkScreen, EditSegmentInfo & editSegmentInfo)

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Purchased a Maytag MVWB88OBWO clothes washing machine from Howard's yesterday.

Due to having our previous HE washing machine die prematurely from a power surge, also bought a surge-protection power strip, and have the new clothes washing machine plugged into it.

The machine, tax, delivery, et al, was basically US$800

Hopefully it will last my desired 10+yrs *fingers crossed*

If not, hopefully for the things that fail on it, I'll be able to DIY fix/replace (and document here on LJ).

On a side note, I am really tickled and pleased how well using the house bath tub worked for washing the family clothes manually. I can do the entire family's clothes in one bathtub-ful of water. One scoop of detergent, and one hour of soak+ 15min agitation intervals using a clean toilet plunger, by hand. So, even though we now own a washing machine, I may still continue to do clothes in the bathtub on weekends. It might help prolong the life of the new machine, and it's good exercise, both physically, and it's kinda emotionally cool to know that, if things ever became financially tough, that we can survive just fine doing clothes by hand, as long as we have a dryer that works.

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Ran my retirement numbers today.

Current, rounded-down conservative retirement amount: 230k

Recent, rounded return on retirement accounts: 10%

Using the rule of 72, where you divide 72 by the interest rate, 
to get the number of years for an investment to double 
(rainbows and unicorns, nothing goes wrong, nothing taxed)

72/10 = 7.2 years

So, optimistically
2015 + 7 = 2022.   230k * 2 = 460k

2022 + 7 = 2029.   460k * 2 = 920k

So, it looks, optimistically, likely, that I will reach my goal of $1million at retirement, as long as the unicorns and rainbows continue.

Soberingly, the Rule of 72 also can be used to see how the buying power of the dollar goes in half.

Average inflation rate, lately, 2%

72/2 = 31. So 31yrs, and a dollar's buying power will be only 50cents

So, unicorns and rainbows retirement, at present, will be $1million dollars, but it will only have the buying power of 500k, at retirement. That will be only 100k a year, for 5yrs retired. Not likely any vacation trips to Europe or leisure traveling. ...and this is very much 'best case' scenarios.

But, also comforting thoughts, we will not likely be living subsistence, third-world retirement. Just a humble lower class retirement. With shelter, and probably one 'good' car, kinda like how we live now, pre-retired.

Lastly, the above 10% number is also "effective rate" of my retirement returns (retirement return + annual salary contributions), because a good fraction of the growth is also due to the fact I am still contributing 15+% of my pre-tax income to be diverted into my retirement accounts.

I am sure if I stopped putting 15+% of my money to retirement, the actual returns are way smaller, and I would fall far short of my $1million goal.

Rule of 72 -

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Quest for the Future - A. E. Van Vogt

1970's sci-fi, but with a 1950's sci-fi feel. Space travel, time travel, and multiple probabilities, all in one story.

One of those stories that, even after reading the Epilogue, my mind is still digesting the entire storyline. Very likely it'll be one of those books where it will be a fuller understanding with multiple passes of reading.

Near the end of the story, there is what I think is a little Easter Egg nod to Heinlein, in that the main character is reading a book, where the book has free sex, where anyone can have sex with anyone, when they are not busy, and everyone is polite if told no, if the no is due to being busy or not interested : )

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Dad, I like talking to you *hug*

From my Middle child to me, this morning. Warmed my heart.

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Telecommuting - transformative

One of the most transformative events I have experienced in my working career is telecommuting.

I am not referring to 'getting to work from home a day or two a week' that many get to experience. I am referring to my current situation, where my Employer allows us to telecommute 100%.

We only go into the office, on average, 1 day a month, for 'all hands' meetings. Huge perk. Hugely transformative.

If I try to put a financial number on it, I would say 100% telecommuting is worth, at minimum, US$1,250/month to me, and more likely, if I really try to sit down and factor it, US$1,500/month

US$1000/month, right off the bat, is the money not needed to have my kids in after-school programs, where they would stay till I was home from work, to watch them.

US$250/month is in fuel costs for my car, that I don't currently have to use, since I do not have to drive to work every day. Also, I can safely have an old beater as my car, because it only gets driven a few thousand miles a year now. A 1/2 tank of fuel lasts a month. Car insurance is lower, too.

Things that are hard to put a dollar figure on, but are definite attributes, are:

I am always home. So kids have a safe haven.

I am always home, so neighborhood watch is me
     I can always photograph, report, try to keep crime away

Lower stress, because I am not driving in traffic every day

More hours per day available to work
     Since I probably save 90min/day by not driving,
     I usually always work a 9hr/day, happily, willingly
     as 'thank you' back to my Employer,
     for getting to 100% telecommute

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