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I wrote timediff, in C, a few years ago.

With each release of a new Debian Stable, I would recompile/test, and apply fixes as needed.

Well, the latest version of gcc that is in the current Debian Stable, is doing something unexpected, and I think it's a bug, but do not want to go crazy to fix it.

If timediff is invoked with a year that does not contain a zero, like 1999, it works just fine. (It has always worked fine, up to now.)

But now, when invoked with a year that contains a zero, like 2015, the C <string> strtok() function is returning only "2", and not "2015."

So, instead of continuing the program in C, I am going to refactor it to use c++, and the boost libraries.

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trimmer - finished, tested, source code published.

cat someFileToTrim.txt | trimmer > trimmedFile.txt 

Homepage for it, is located at http://mrflash818.geophile.net/software/index.html#trimmer

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trimmer - new cplusplus project

In working with x12 834v5010 sample files, to use for testing nc_834v5010generator, I notice that sometimes the files have unnecessary whitespace padding either at the beginning of a segment, before the segment ID, or after the segment terminator.

After researching for *nix text utilities, I did not find a simple program that does what I want. I could use things like regular expressions, but seems like overkill for what I need.

What I basically need is, a program that does boost::trim(strValue) on each line of a text file, so the output lines have any front-side or rear unnecessary whitespace removed.

a line of text file that needs trimming "     DTP*blah*blah*blah~     "
after trimming, should be "DTP*blah*blah*blah~"

Originally, I thought any program I make would take a filename as an argument, but I think I'd rather have it use pipes, so I can just "cat filename | trimmer > trimmedFileName."

Yesterday I started the project, but hadnt decided on using pipes. Project sourcecode is online at http://mrflash818.geophile.net/software/trimmer/.

Whatever I create, will be open source, GPLv3.

2016-08-06 After a bit of research, seems debian has many of the utility programs, like wc, in a package called coreutils. Downloaded the sourcecode for debian's coreutils, so I can see how the program wc, and others, accepts piped input.


One of the magic functions that allows a program to accept input via piplining, that I used for my solution, is <cstdio> fgetc(stdin).

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Flinx Transcendent - by Alan Dean Foster

The final book in the series about a character named Flinx, and his adventures. Liked it.

Have been reading them since I was Young, and it was nice to have Closure, as this Last Book gives Closure.

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The Mote in God's Eye - by Niven, and Pournelle

Finally read this sci-fi classic. Liked it. Explores the concept of humanity discovering another alien race exists, for the first time.

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The Cave - by Saramago

Liked the characters of the dog, Found, and the Potter the most, for most of the book. By the end of the book, liked all the main characters.

Overall, liked the book. It is light, and subtle in how the story arcs progress.

"Death with Interruptions" is still my favorite, of his books that I have read.

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Rear brakes were starting to squeal.

Visual inspection showed the wear indicators were starting to touch the brake disc.

Replaced the rear brake pads. Odometer was 64,781miles.

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Drove up to visit grandma. Two week vacation.

On purpose, I did the vacation as self-disconnected. Did not text, did not internet/social media/email, did not watch TV news. Wanted to be Present, and just enjoy my activities, and the activities of my little family. Also didnt take pix.

In no particular order:

Visited glass beach at/near Fort Bragg. It's a beach where the beach sand has many pieces of glass, from historical dumping. Glass pieces, worn smooth and frosted-textured due to time, waves, and movement. The travelodge we stayed at was walking distance, and quite nice.

The wife and kids enjoyed hunting for interesting glass pieces, by shape or color, for hours.

Visited Voodoo Doughnuts in downtown Portland, Oregon. They were featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," and we had a family friend that requested we bring them some, so okay, we tried them. There was a 30min line, before we could order. Cash-only shop. I thought they were good, but since I don't like crowds, I didnt think they were so OMG that I'd go out-of-my-way to get their products with such lines.

Visited Powell's bookstore in downtown Portland, Oregon. They are walking distance from Voodoo Doughnuts. Have been going to them for years, whenever we go visit Grandma. My entire family got books. I stayed in their Sci-Fi section. They are the biggest sci-fi bookstore section that I can get to. Somehow, we only spent about US$125 on all the books, and we had a shopping bag full sized haul.

For my sister's husband, picked up a copy of Ringworld, by Niven. For my mom, picked up a copy of The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells.

Traffic in downtown Portland, even in the middle-of-the-day, was _terrible_. Stop and go all the way from the fwy offramp to where we finally could find parking. Paid parking was _expensive_. We paid US$16 just for the day.

Visited a scenic waterfall drive, maybe one hour's drive from Portland. Had dinner at a fancy restaurant right next to one of the waterfalls. Multnomah Falls Lodge. Had an excellent burger.

Visited Luis's Taqueria in Woodburn. Was as good as I last remembered it. I had their pork chavindeca with a large horchata. Their chavindeca is still my favorite.

Visited Neskowin, Oregon for two days. Rented a room that had full fridge and stove. It was one of the favorite parts of the trip, for me. Got to do a solo foggy sunrise walk along the beach, for two hours. Got to see my kids make friends, and look along march grass to examine little fish, and play in the water. Got to sit with my mom, and just be together and small talk, for hours in such a scenic place, while watching the kids play.

Make sure to drive south, for maybe 10min, into a full sized small city, Lincoln City, for dinner and groceries. The Pig & Pancake was good for lunch.

Visited Crater Lake. Loved the scenic drive into and out of the park. Lots of meadows, and many flowers in bloom, in those meadows. There was snow at the summit, so the kids got to play in the snow.

Visited the Ray and Joan Kroc center, in Salem, Oregon. Oldest, Middle, and Youngest child all enjoyed all the aquatic swim activities they have. Middle child mostly did the endless pool loop, and made friends. Oldest stayed with Youngest, and they roamed all over. Grandma, Wife, and myself watched them, and hung out.

Visited the Gilbert House Children's Museum in Salem, Oregon. All the kids enjoyed it, especially the multi-story maze, with slides.

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Weather - 110F in the shade of my backyard, today.

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nc_834v5010generator - project status - June

Working on _834v5010exampleGenerator, _834v5010exampleData objects.


Ah, humility. After I had fixed compilation issues when I upgraded, hadn't exercised all the functionality, as a User, of nc_834v5010generator since the update to the most recent version of Debian Stable. Found some code needed tweaks to get working, that used to work just fine in the previous version of Debian Stable, but didn't with the current version of Debian Stable.

Ncurses834v5010view::displayLoadValidationRulesGUI(...) needed changes in the code that creates the fully qualified path to the _834v5010RULES file.

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