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Went to SCALE yesterday. 1st time attendee, though I've tried to be able to attend for years. Thanks to being a SGVLUG member, was half-price. Attended talks on Community, Mentoring, and the Linux kernel. Got to chat up fellow SGVLUG members, and ran into some previous co-workers from WBOL.

Hung out for a bit at the SGVLUG booth. They had some home made open source 3d printers running demos. Was pretty cool. They had good interest from attendees.

Visited the Debian booth, chatted up one of the developers there. Visited the WB booth, they are hiring for J2EE developers, so threw my hat in their ring. Visited the Rubicon booth, chatted up Wil, previously from WBOL. Donated to the EFF, LibreOffice when I visited their booths. Got T-shirts, and swag.

I even saw someone from LJ that frequently posts to LJ, but wasn't able to approach and say "hi", as she was being chatted up by a group.

I really liked that it was at the Pasadena Convention Center, as that is very close to where I live. I simply parked at work, for free, then walked a few blocks to the event.

For next year, I want to take vacation, and attend all 4 days. From the experience, realized today just how much I missed being a professional Geek, and living in the culture and camaraderie of Geekdom.


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Battery died in our 2011 Honda Pilot

Looked at prices for a replacement battery from the local auto parts stores. Average was US$150.

Then remembered that Auto Club (AAA) has as part of their service, you can have them replace the battery.

So called them and asked how much it would cost. Was $126.44, installed.

Told them "yes, please." They drove out, replaced the battery within 30min : )

Huzzah to AAA.

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nc_834v5010generator - project status - January


Spent very little time on this hobby program in December, as work workload was extreme.

Worked on rxl_cdkscreen files. The source code for CDK I am working with has headers, cdk_int.h for one, that do not exist in the Debian stable /usr/include/cdk headers. So I am continuing to make rxl_ and RXL_ versions of things I need for my C++ CDK widget.

The changes do not yet compile, so no source code updates yet available to share.


Added CDK function stubs so that CDK_Textfield compiles, and the project compiles.

Updated the sourcecode on the website. Still working on ways to have CDK_Textfield work with the CDK API. Seems with every refactoring adjustment, new areas that need refactoring/bridging are revealed.

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The Drowned World - by Ballard

The sun's output has increased, causing higher temperatures and melting of all ice. The equator is uninhabitable, and humanity, those that survived, slowly migrate towards the north and south poles.

I actually read this in 2015, when I visited my mom, but seems I had forgotten to make a LJ entry for it, before today.

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The Wind From Nowhere - by Ballard

1960s Sci-Fi. A global constant wind starts, gets stronger and stronger. Story deals with how people try to cope. At the end, starts to subside on its own.

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Voting is the most direct legal power we have, as citizens. In my opinion, the concept of "voting" includes active participation in jury duty, too.

If it be asked, what is to be the consequence,
in case the congress shall misconstrue this part
of the constitution, and exercise powers not
warranted by its true meaning? I answer, the
same as if they should misconstrue or enlarge
any other power vested in them; as if the general
power had been reduced to particulars, and any
one of these were to be violated; the same in 
short, as if the state legislatures should
violate their respective constitutional authorities.
In the first instance, the success of the 
usurpation will depend on the executive and
judiciary departments, which are to expound
and give effect to the legislative acts; and
in the last resort, a remedy must be obtained
from the people, who can, by the election of
more faithful representatives, annul the acts
of the usurpers. The truth is, that this ultimate
redress maybe more confided in against unconstitutional
acts of the federal, than of the state legislatures,
for this plain reason, that as every such act
of the former, will be an invasion of the rights
of the latter, these will be ever ready to 
mark the innovation, to sound the alarm to 
the people, and to exert their local influence
in effecting a change of federal representatives.
There being no such intermediate body between
the state legislatures and the people, interested
in watching the conduct of the former, violations
of the state constitution are more likely to 
remain unnoticed and redressed.

"The Federalist," number 44, by James Madison

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time to go learn something new - continued

I have been job hunting since June. Actively search dice.com, careerbuilder.com, careers.stackoverflow.com, kaiserpermanentejobs.org

I've had a few HR recruiters call me back. I've gotten many many emails from job placement agencies, but it's almost always for temp work, contractor work, or jobs that would require relocation.

Postmortem to work year 2015:

I did another record year of volume of implementations
     440 transaction file setups were implemented by me
     The enrollment division of my department did over 950
          Last year the division did 630

The department did another record year of email volume, 
     it's our primary communications channel
     69k emails were processed

I trained another five personnel this year
     One new FTE
     Four temps

I know when I quit, the department is in good hands
     The one colleague that started Aug2014, has now been
     Baptized by Fire, and worked over 1yr, and has done two
     Open Enrollment seasons. 

     I know they can take over, once I have left.

The Director of my department retired

I sent an email to the Executive Director
     Had a 1:1 with him, as my email initiated it
     He gave me a 'spot bonus' of $5k, pre-tax.

I am emotionally exhausted.
     I do not want to work for the manager I have anymore
          tired of "damned with faint praise"
     I do not want to work in the department I have anymore
          After 10yrs of doing the same thing, still have the
          "emotional truth" that it's time to go learn something new.

Gross salary is $100k+
Vacation hours accrued is 400+

It's scary that I have been looking for a new job for over six months now. I have not had a moment in my life like this in a long time: that openings for jobs in my skillset seem to be scarce.That I've had to search for so long without accepting a new position.

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Mockingjay - by Collins

Better than the movie.

The Epilogue deep and meaningful.

They play in the Meadow. The dancing girl with the dark hair and blue eyes. 
The boy with the blond curls and gray eyes.


My children, who don't know they play on a graveyard.

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2011 Honda Pilot - transmission fluid change

3.5qts of ATF

Odometer: 55,692miles

2011 Honda Pilot ATF change procedure

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2011 Honda Pilot - oil change and filter

Odometer: 55,692miles

2011 Honda Pilot Oil Change Procedure

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