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Consumer Reports - recommended washing machines

LG WT1001CW US$650 
Whirlpool WTW4850BW US$520 
GE GTWN5650FWS US$600 

Consumer Reports reliability ratings for brands

(top-loaders with fewest repairs and serious problems)
Speed Queen

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Turned off the electricity to the East-most room of the house. Currently used as my home office.

Replaced the 3-prong power plug that is closest to the sliding door. Verified that it actually does have a ground wire. Added heat shrink to the two power wires (the ground is a bare wire, and does not need to have insulation). Connected wires to the new plug, including ground. Connected the plug back into the wall. Attached decorative cover plate.

Energized the room by re-enabling the circuit breaker #8, tested new plug. Success.

Next thing to do: time to buy a power strip, and begin to reconnect all the home PC stuff to the power strip, now that I know the plug/wiring is safe.

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Took a vacation day, and spent a day with my mom, yesterday.

We had brunch at Twohey's, and talked. Nice non-heavy talk about books, movies, light things.

We then went to visit my Grandma, who is now 96yrs old.

Next visited my Youngest at daycare. Mom got to have some playtime with her.

Early dinner at Wahib's. The Beef Shawarma was good.


Visiting with both my Mom and Grandmother, brought to the front of my attention that I will not get to enjoy interacting with them for too much longer. I am getting old. My mom is Old, and Grandmother's age is Way Up There.

It makes me feel sad, and feelings of loss, even though they are still okay right now in the Present.

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Utility electrical meter shows 31,172kWh today.

2014-03-28 meter was 27,148kWh.

robert@debian:~$ timediff 2014-03-28 2015-01-16
294 (days)

robert@debian:~$ echo $((31172 - 27148))
4024 (kWh)

4014/294 =  13.69kWh/day = 570watts/hr

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Turned off house electricity to the plug via turning circuit breaker off. Verified plug was not energized with voltmeter. Checked the plug that the clothes washer + clothes dryer are connected to. Removed cover plate. Unscrewed two little screws holding plug to wall. Only disconnected one wire at a time to do: Added heat-shrink insulation. 5/16inch diameter insulation seems a good size.

The two wires connecting to the plug were only straight and inserted straight into the screws of the plug. This is not a good idea, as then there is not much contact surface area between the wire and the plug, and under high-amperage use, could be unsafe.

So on each wire, when it was removed to add some heat-shrink insulation sleeving, used needle nose pliers to bend the wire ends into hook shapes (the normal way wires should be for connecting to an outlet plug). The ends now look like the letter 'u'. Connected the hooked ends such that they went in the same direction as when the screw would tighten, that they would not back out. Tightened wires back into the outlet.

Reconnected the plug back into the wall, added cover plate. Tested. Done. (Now I just need to methodically check all the other plugs in the house.)

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AWK - notes

To get the last word of each line

awk '{print $NF}' test.txt

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As is my own personal Security Policy, did my annual Changing Of The Passwords (changed all my passwords in my online accounts, and home WiFi (WPA2 PSK key)).

Tried to create and use strong passwords, unique to each online account. See tagged articles about WPA2 and/or haystack.

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Added to the _834v5010RULES file.

wc _834v5010RULES 
  4213  11103 132641 _834v5010RULES

# Loop 2100H


Added to the _834v5010RULES file

# Loop 2310


Finished the 1st pass of the _834v5010RULES file. It now contains the Segments and Data Elements for the entire X12 834v5010 transaction.

NOTE: still need to add Loop definition statements to the _834v5010RULES file. Still need to add code to the Validator for Loop Support, too.



Well, nuts. Added code to support SEGMENT_REPEAT logical value of '>1', but now the program dies during runtime. Will need to fire up DDD and go fix whatever bugs I added/discovered. Since the code compiles fine, uploaded the changes to the website.

nc_834v5010generator - load validation rules
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'
                                                                    what():  basic_string::substr


Using DDD and conditional breakpoint of _834v5010validator.cpp lineOfFileBeingRead > x, code line 638, where I am incrementing x by 100 each time, to find the _834v5010RULES line that is where the program dies.

One cool thing about DDD is I can R-click on my conditional breakpoint, adjust x to another larger value, then choose 'continue', and keep debugging.



Found the bug causing the program to fault. Seems I didn't include the mandatory text description after the data code value in a line of the _834v5010RULES file, so there is nothing to parse. KISS fix: add a text description to that code value in the _834v5010RULES file.

lineOfFileBeingRead == 1198
lineOfFile is ...DATA_CODE 1L

Now that I fixed the _834v5010RULES file, program no longer dying. Next fix will be to see why reading the _834v5010RULES file stops at:

Screenshot from 2015-01-25 11:35:44

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Let my mom know that the wood that supports the kitchen sinks was starting to rot (they are the original sinks from this 1939-ish house, so 80years old. My Mom decided that our house needed to have the kitchen repaired upgraded, too.

The kitchen had a new floor, kitchen sink, and counter top installed. It also had the old lighting removed and modern lighting installed. A new exhaust hood was installed. The kitchen also was repainted as part of the project, too.

During the install, I mentioned to the contractor the symptoms I had observed of electrical problems.

The symptoms were: big voltage sag when turning on the microwave oven. Static coming from radio and PC speakers, now and then, intermittently, randomly. Lights dimming in kitchen randomly, a little, like there was a loose connection, but without any 'noise' of arcing that I could hear.

He is also a licensed electrician, so one day he shutdown house power, turned off all circuit breakers, and investigated the main circuit panel with all the circuit breakers and their connections. He said he found a handful of connections from the circuit breakers to the wires that were loose, and tightened them.

I watched over his shoulder when he opened the main circuit breaker box, and now feel comfortable to do it myself, for next time.

He did also say the connections to the socket in the kitchen that the microwave used were loose, and replaced the plug with a new GFI plug, too

I had never even considered investigating the main circuit breaker panel for loose connections, I had only thought to investigate the wiring connections to the wall plugs, and to possibly find and add insulation to any wires that had frayed insulation, like the one wall socket I had already found and fixed.

Now I know to re-investigate the circuit breaker connections in the main box, in addition to checking all the plug connections and insulation of those wires in the plug boxes, if the symptoms ever re-appear.

Circling back to the kitchen project, at this point the kitchen looks excellent, and the only remaining milestone is to install a new exhaust hood over the stove, and supply the new hood with electricity, then the project will be done.




The contractor for the kitchen was Aselin Contracting. He did all the cabinetry work, sink install, and counter/floor tile, and electrical work. He was very polite, did steady progress, and never seems to rush. The painting was sub-contracted out, and they did a good job.

So, for any future work, depending on what kind, I now have personal good experiences with two sets of contractors over the years: Aselin Contracting, and Krier Builders.

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Kind of proud of myself. Had my 1st ever /. submission get accepted.

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